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How i came to be part 2
Chapter 1
I got off the bus on a small open building surrounded by cobbled roads, that was supposed to be the city’s bus station but it was simply a covered place to park the bus once it arrived and buy some tickets on one of the corners, I grabbed my bag and made my way to the exit, my grandfathers lived only a block from the bus stop so I didn’t needed anyone to pick me up, it took me 2 minutes to get to the big doubled floored white house that was my grandfathers home, I knocked on the door and it took around a minute for them to answer. My grandfathers are really nice people but this weekend I was not planning on staying with them, in fact I barely made a rushed hello before grabbing a water bottle a snack I asked them to prepare before going out again.
At this point I believe the reader must be confused as to why I made such a hasty exit, well about a kilometer from were my grandpas live there is what we call a small hydroelectric facility,  basically a small dam
:iconarthursalim:ArthurSalim 0 7
How i came to be
The story I am about to tell you is not supposed to be sad or happy, it is not supposed to be anything but facts as facts is mostly what I care for, facts don’t lie, facts don’t disrespect you, facts don’t beg for mercy when you are about to kill them, if you haven’t guessed yet this is not a happily ever after story, people have died for me to be here telling you this and I had a huge share of guilt in that this is not a repented soul asking for forgiveness this is me presenting facts. After all this I believe that the remaining people might find my story either amusing or disturbing which I sincerely do not care about. My name is neither relevant or intriguing soo I will leave it out of my story, this is the story of:
How I came to be
It was a rainy morning, one of the fews down here in Brazil, see usually it rarely rains were I live due to the fact that my city was so inland that the few moist that reached here only came during winter and winter it was.
As I
:iconarthursalim:ArthurSalim 1 8


Alex's Alien Adaptation 2
Several hours had passed, and Alex was still learning how her strange body worked. Laying on the floor of her modest quarters, she was trying to get her human body reformed with varying degrees of success. Most of her body was still nothing but a pile of meat, but fortunately, some of her former human parts were coming together.
Her arms were surprisingly easy, along with her legs. While they started out as nothing more than tentacles, her body was able to recall their former shapes and structures. Starting with an arm, she focused in on its fore and aft sections, the split causing her body to naturally form her elbows once more. Her bones redeveloped, the strange cells hardening and giving her reforming muscles a frame to build around. Following suit with the legs, Alex was able to recreate them without much trouble.
What was a bit harder was the hands and feet. With far more joints and bones, she just couldn’t seem to get everything right with the first few tries. Her f
:iconkiller095:killer095 34 19
Mature content
The Dragon in Me - Chapter 7 :icondominio95:Dominio95 20 31
Hey me! by MatheusKiller Hey me! :iconmatheuskiller:MatheusKiller 4 3
Got striked with powerfull tag
Hello everyone.
I've got tagged. (Yup. Got to post that phaze somewhere here ^.=.^)
Life goes along. Slowly. But more and more steadily.
Tag thingy starts.
Tagged by :iconGreenycat7:
1. You Have To Post These Rules.
2. Each Person Has To Share 13 Things About Them.
3. Answer The 13 Questions Asked To You And Invent 13 Questions The People You Tag Will Have To Answer.
4. Choose 13 People. (I'd rather not.)
5. You Have To Tag 13 People, If You Can.
6. Tag-Backs Are ALLOWED.
7. Be Creative With The Title. No "I've Got Tagged" Things. (...look up ^.=.w>
Questions from Greenycat7
my questions:
1. do you ever want to show your real face online?
Um... no. It's ugly. ._.
2. do you like anime? :3
It's ambivalent for me.
3. what do you think of me?
You're nice person, Greeny. ^.=.^
4. how old are you?
Just got 20.
5. how many OC's do you have?
3 main, multiple created for various reasons.
6. what bores you the most?
Lack of things that intereats me. Aaand jibberjabber.
7. do you like cak
:iconkamil96:Kamil96 2 15
Jeffery's works
Hello all,
    So, while I was going through some of Jeff's things, I found stories that he wrote when he was in highschool.  I'm going to type them out and share them with you guys, as long as our parents don't mind, which I'm sure they won't.
When all of this is done...the funeral, my mother is going to write you all a letter than I will post for you all to read.  I have shared with my family all the kind things you had to say about my brother, and it has touched us all.
I also found chapter 40 of ?Dragon Chronicles?, or what he had written of chapter 40.  I will post that as well. 
I'm dumping everything I can on his computer to my external hard drive.
When I post Jeff's work, I'm going to try and do it from his account, not mine.
Once again, thank you all, so so much,
:icongodzilla99:godzilla99 9 15
New Year approaches.
Greetings everyone
This journal is directed mostly to those who know ne on Skype.
I am unplugged for now... therefore I can't go in there. Period.
Besides, end of semester approaches and I need to take care about my notes in university. Si there goes my gaming as well. ;.=.;
Anyway, I wish you all happy new year and fulfilling your new year's goals! ^.=.^
Safety and Peace.
P.S.: Arthur, your work is in progress... Very early though.
:iconkamil96:Kamil96 1 12
Ronald Reagan Riding a Velociraptor by SharpWriter Ronald Reagan Riding a Velociraptor :iconsharpwriter:SharpWriter 16,161 1,700 Chrome Sonnet-Aire rewound by ThunderClawShocktrix Chrome Sonnet-Aire rewound :iconthunderclawshocktrix:ThunderClawShocktrix 12 46 Na'vi Fury by ThunderClawShocktrix Na'vi Fury :iconthunderclawshocktrix:ThunderClawShocktrix 62 30 Fenrir, The Unbound - Wallpaper HD by Getsukeii Fenrir, The Unbound - Wallpaper HD :icongetsukeii:Getsukeii 24 9 Werewolf by WolfBane88 Werewolf :iconwolfbane88:WolfBane88 1,308 119



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Arthur Salim
Your friendly psicotic serial killer dragon, welcome in and feel free to msg, just know i take my sweet time to answer


Been waiting a long time to get this one out, meet my second char, Alex (Art done by check him out he is awesome) Alex is a bit of a mad scientist, he became determinate to dominate science and technology after a nuclear reactor accident took his parents life and made him permanently radioactive (which he uses nanobots to control).
His behavior is erratic at best leading to quite a few comic scenes as he has no social clue on the world and will often hurt people feelings unintentionally, Alex expertise include Nuclear Technology, Inter dimensional portals, Nanotechnology, hacking and programming but he is quite good at a lot more things.
Thanks a lot to Zyke for doing this commission as he really depicted the crazy and impulsiveness that lies in him
If you do not know this is pantherflint DA page

He is one of the best artist i have ever seen and a great guy .(He also do comissions) Unfortunally he has been lacking on people to see his artwork after all the internet is a big place and it is hard to find such a good art like his.

Wich makes me go to the subject of this journal, i ask you to please share his page around and help spread this great artist, he needs your help soo please share to your friends and if you like follow him to see more of his great work.


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